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Blumenbestandene Levada auf Madeira | © shutterstock_773374258

The Levada Trek - Madeira - self guided tour

Water is the artery of life.


The Madeirans were so convinced of this that they created something unique on their island: a network of waterways more than a thousand kilometres long. It runs through Madeira, cuts through the island and makes its way through the highest mountains. A monumental structure was created. These "levadas" made Madeira fertile and brought modest prosperity. Our journey takes you from the origins of the levadas in the heart of the island to the terraced fields. You will see the elegant way in which this construction merged with nature as you hike a network of paths created as a by-product of building the levadas. It is one of its kind in the world and absolutely fascinating.

The Levada Trek



  • From accommodation to accommodation
  • 8 days trekking with 6 selected hikes of your choice
  • Luggage transport from accommodation to accommodation



  • Discover the hidden world of the levadas
  • Experience intoxicating views
  • Admire the elegance of the waterways
  • Wander the island from north to south



20% net - bookings from 1 person up to 6



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Madeira - Wasserfall und Madre der Levada | © shutterstock_1159002001
Wasserverlauf auf Madeira | © shutterstock_1614311203
Begrünte Levada auf Madeira | © shutterstock_1662650239
Blumenbestandene Levada auf Madeira | © shutterstock_773374258
Levada auf Madeira in den Fels gehauen | © shutterstock_1624383625
Levadatunnel mit Wasserfall | © shutterstock_1759121414
Kleiner Wasserweiler auf Madeira | © shutterstock_1614311389
Aussicht auf die Picos auf Madeira | © shutterstock_1447441019
Levada mit Farnblatt auf Madeira | © shutterstock_1642204018
Wasserfall auf Madeira | © shutterstock_1642204030
Wassermühle auf Madeira | © shutterstock_796310494